– Great Plains Chateau –

[ A European-style estate ]

When our clients requested our help in creating an authentic French chateau in South Dakota, our answer was a resounding “mais oui, bien sur!” We have a passion for classical French architecture and les arts decoratif, gardens in the tradition of Le Notre and cuisine à la bonne femme. (Our own Craig Hoffman is a member of The American Friends of Versailles and gives generously of his time to help restore this international landmark.) Together with Jeff Murphy of Murphy and Co., we helped bring our clients’ extraordinary vision to life with painstaking attention to impeccable French detail. Throughout the house, Bruce’s encyclopedic knowledge of European design history is reflected in the perfectly appointed rooms with luxurious finishes, handcrafted ironwork, elegant lighting, and custom and antique furnishings. The pièce de résistance of this extraordinary commission? When one of the artisans assumed he was working on a renovation of a storied estate and asked what year the chateau was built!

Photography by Annie Schlechter